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Volunteer Application

Be a Twinbrook Village Volunteer
Twinbrook Village is 100% run by volunteers.
As a Twinbrook Village volunteer, there are countless ways you can help your neighbors such as:

Home visits and friendly calls
Many of our neighbors have temporary or permanent 
mobility issues which restrict them to their houses.
A visit or phone call can really brighten up their day.

Rides for homebound neighbors
Some of our neighbors may need help getting to the store,
doctors appointments…even just a short trip to see a friend.

Grocery or Meal delivery
Nothing is more appreciated than a or
home-cooked…when someone can’t leave their house.

And some of your neighbors may be in this situation.

See the “Volunteer” tab on your member profile for a
complete list of volunteer opportunities

If you have any of these skills…or even if you’re just willing to extend
a helping hand to your neighbors…think about becoming a Twinbrook
Village volunteer. It’s easy:

To become a Twinbrook Village volunteer:
       1.Become a member of Twinbrook Village (click for membership application)
       2.Fill out the Twinbrook Village volunteer application below
       3.Fill out the “Volunteer” tab on your Twinbrook Member Profile

All Twinbrook Village volunteers must complete a free training class
and pass a background check. Both are offered through Senior Connection

Training classes can be scheduled directly through Senior Connection.
Twinbrook Village can also schedule special training class sessions if there is
sufficient interest.

The safety of our volunteers and neighbors is our primary concern.

Any activities which might involve physical interaction under normal circumstances
will be conducted in accord with current public health guidelines in place for COVID-19.

Email us ( for more information.

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Areas of Interest for Volunteers

Active Volunteers
Call Manager

Volunteer for Twinbrook Village

Computer Wiz-MAC
Computer Wiz-PC
Friendly Visit
Grocery/Meal deliver
Handy Person
Pet Care
Trips to Friends

Additional Comments

Thank you for your interest

Thank you for your interest and we will be in touch with you very soon!