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Membership Application

Join Our Village

There are many benefits when you become a member of Twinbrook Village:Village members at activity

Services from verified Twinbrook Village volunteers
Our volunteers can help with home visits, rides and other services
if you have physical issues. They can even drop by for a friendly
visit or give you a daily call.

Twinbrook Village volunteers are trained and undergo
background checks before they are certified.

Twinbrook Village events
We regularly host activities and community events. Past activities
have included an activities event, a bird walk and a local political
candidate forum. It’s a great way to get out and meet your neighbors.Twinbrook pool

Volunteer opportunities
Have a skill you can share with your neighbors? It can be as simple
as visiting the house-bound or running an errand.

Volunteers are the heart of Twinbrook village. Your neighbors need
your help!

Get involved with village activities
Being a member doesn’t have to mean just showing up.
Be part of the team! More helpers mean less work and more fun for

Make new friends!
Those neighbors you see on the street every day probably have
a lot in common with you. Our village activities make it easy to get to
know them!

Ready to become a member? It’s easy:

Fill out the membership application form beMember filling out formlow:
Name, address and email address are all that’s required…you can fill in the 
rest later. Use the “Additional Comments” space to let us know if you have any
special needs such as mobility problems.

You will receive an email with your login information shortly.

Join our Google group (listserv) to stay informed about Twinbrook Village activities:
          This lets you receive updates about village meetings and activities.

          Go to!overview
          (note: if the page says "searching" at the bottom and doesn't do anything,
            try using a different Internet browser and/or try pasting the link directly
            into the browser)

          - enter "twinbrook village" in the search box and click on the "search" icon
                (you may need to select "seach for groups named twinbrook village"
          - click on “Twinbrook Village" in the list of groups
          - select "subscribe to this group" and enter your email address when requested
          - once you have subscribed, follow the same steps except you will select
            "sign in to view this group"

Fill out your member profile
After you receive your login information from Twinbrook Village, go to “My Profile” and click “Edit” to fill out any information you’d like us to have (emergency contacts, special skills, etc.)

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Additional Comments

Thank you for your interest

Thank you for your interest and we will be in touch with you very soon!