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Welcome to Twinbrook Village

What is a village? 

It’s a place where…

  • Neighbors look out for each other.
  • Neighbors lend a hand when it’s needed.
  • Neighbors care about their neighbors.

Twinbrook Village is that kind of place.

We’re a local all-volunteer organization dedicated to improving the
lives of our Twinbrook neighbors of all ages, ethnicities, religions and

As members of the national Village to Village program, we work within the Twinbrook community to provide volunteer services and events such as:

    • Community get-togethers and activities

    • Support services such as friendly calls to check in on residents including seniors,
      families and singles

    • Candidate forums



Where is Twinbrook Village?

Twinbrook is located in Rockville, MD (selected one of the “20 Best Places to Live in Maryland” by Money Inc.). The Rockville area combines urban amenities and an excellent quality of life with easy METRO access to the Washington DC area plus abundant recreational opportunities…from the mountains to the beach and everywhere in between.


Interested in joining Twinbrook Village?

Learn About Village Membership and Volunteer Opportunities